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One Life - Popular SMP Server is back up again!

Hey again;

We had some maintenance going on just now (19/02/2020 @ 22:25 GMT)
The maintenance on the server-end is now finished, here's what's new...

Critical changes:
- Patched an issue with entities getting spawned heavily within one section, this is also believed to prevent mob spawning correctly.
- Fixed an issue with how the server processes certain events, timing some players out.
- Fixed an issue with triggering BlockEvents, when they never occured.

Quality-of-Life related changes:
- Enabled a 5 minute cooldown between /rtp 's - This can save some server resources from people spamming the command.
- Fixed the /rtp command only teleporting within a radius of 30,000, instead of 100,000 around spawn.
- Added a new message to the LunarAutoAnnouncer; giving help with claims to new players.
- Re-added the /discord command.

Security related changes:
- Patched a security vulnerability regarding crates.
- Patched an issue with duplicated crate keys; although this wasn't really serious as it only worked 50/50 of the time.
- Added a console, proper console.
- Increased the time between packets before you get timed out.
- Patched out an issue regarding claims bypassing.

General changes:
- Updated our Permissions/Group handler, as well as our command plugin.
- Fixed an issue with Claim Block purchases on our store.
- Updated our Discord Link so it displays updates at a lower priority.

Thank you all for waiting ever so patiently, we appreciate the support and look forward to continuing to provide awesome content for you all to enjoy.

- space