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Welcome to LunarCube Networks

Below are some basic rules that you should read before you post.


  • Usernames must be appropriate.
  • Spamming the forums is not allowed and will likely result in an IP ban.
  • Harrassment is not tolerated here. It will be deleted and you removed.
  • Malicious Links and/or Files are up to the staff to decide what is suspicious or not. Stick to known sites such as YouTube or LunarCube itself.
  • Promotional material is very strictly not allowed here with a few exceptions: These being, promotional content for LunarCube and/or a YouTube Video surrounding it. Or around the "One Life" Series. Not sure? Ask a Mod first!
  • NSFW content is not to be accepted here. This goes without saying but you should always think "If I brought this to work, would I be fired?"
  • Impersonation is not cool, therefore also not allowed.
  • Our Staff works hard to bring you the best possible support in the kindest manner, please respect them back- just like any other user.


The most important rule is to enjoy your time here, please refrain from posting in the wrong forums. (IE One Life in Introductions)