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One Life - Popular SMP Server is back up again!

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Hey again;

We had some maintenance going on just now (19/02/2020 @ 22:25 GMT)
The maintenance on the server-end is now finished, here's what's new...

Critical changes:
- Patched an issue with entities getting spawned heavily within one section, this is also believed to prevent mob spawning correctly.
- Fixed an issue with how the server processes certain events, timing some players out.
- Fixed an issue with triggering BlockEvents, when they never occured.

Quality-of-Life related changes:
- Enabled a 5 minute cooldown between /rtp 's - This can save some server resources from people spamming the command.
- Fixed the /rtp command only teleporting within a radius of 30,000, instead of 100,000 around spawn.
- Added a new message to the LunarAutoAnnouncer; giving help with claims to new players.
- Re-added the /discord command.

Security related changes:
- Patched a security vulnerability regarding crates.
- Patched an issue with duplicated crate keys; although this wasn't really...

One Life Server - Huge World Border Increase!

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We've increased the World Border from 30,000 to 100,000 outside spawn!

We hope you enjoy exploring more of the One Life world!


Click here to Download the One Life Modpack!

Mount Crates are now available!

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Hey there everyone!

We've recently released the new Mount Crate on our One Life - Popular SMP Server.
This crate is all-community based; we got asked a lot about Wyvern Spawning, Manticores and so on.

...So, we made a crate! This crate contains a relatively high chance of Wyvern Eggs, Manticores, Scorpions- even a Elytra & more exclusives!

Thank you so much for the feedback! It's greatly appreciated and we genuinely love our players. It's been awesome working on this with you all.

Store -

Merry Christmas from us at LunarCube!

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Phew, it's been a long journey.

From One Life - Popular SMP starting as a small group of 3 friends wanting to copy and replicate the series, it has since become the very thing that loads of you today enjoy.

Thank you all for the support. Oh and have a safe christmas!

LunarCube Forums are back online!

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After a small incident with our Forum Software, we're back!
We've now featured new and improved permissions, more ways to signup and content for you to use.

Thanks for the wait, enjoy your stay here at LunarCube!

- Space​